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39-story Paramount building (L) and 42-story St. Regis building (R) in San Francisco both used the BauGrid WRG™ Reinforcement System


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BauGrid® WRG™ Advantages

Recent  Projects

Adobe formatted versions of BauGrid® patents

  • US Patent No. 5,218,809 - Earthquake Resistant Structure Utilizing a Confinement Reinforcing Framework
  • US Patent No. 5,392,580 - Modular Reinforcement Cages for Ductile Concrete Frame Members and Method of Fabricating and Erecting The Same (BauGrid® Reinforcement System), European, Japanese and Mexican Patents Pending

The Problems

The Solution

The Assurance

  • Reliable ductility (Toughness)
  • Hoops with poor dimensional tolerances
  • Installing rebar hooks is labor intensive
  • Placing concrete around hooks is very difficult and time consuming
  • Rebar hooks can be unreliable
  • Welded grids using high strength wire
  • Fabricated in a welding fixture to 1/8" tolerance
  • Shipped in compact bundles
  • Labor saving instillation into cage rebar
  • More accurate positioning
  • Gives more consistent confinement the full length of the member
  • Saves crane time and erection labor
  • Greater ductility = Less force = Less rebar
  • More reliable ductility = Safer buildings
  • Precision fabricated
  • In plant, on-line testing
  • Proprietary welding techniques
  • Cross-wire confinement at each rebar
  • More reliable confinement
  • Improved ductility

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