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Advancing Construction Technology

BauGrid® WRG™ Catalog Table of Contents


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B1 - BauBasketweave

B2 - BauBridge

B3 - BauBundleExpander

B4 - BauBundler

C1 - BauCager

C2 - BauCaisson

C3 - BauClinchgrip

C4 - CMU with BauLadders

C4 - BauCorbel

E1 - BauEarthwall

F1 - BauFabricForm

F2 - BauFooting

F3 - BauFrame

G1 - BauGardenWall

G1 - BauGridder

G2 - BauGuyfree

H1 - BauH-head

H2 - BauHollowFloor

H3 - BauHPC (BauGrid High Performance Concrete)

J1 - BauJoint

L1 - BauLagging

L2 - BauLap

L3 - BauLinkBeam

L4 - BauLoop

M1 - BauMagtie

N1 - BauNut

P1 - BauPilecap

P2 - BauPlanterfence

P3 - BauPlanterwall

P4 - BauPreclad

P5 - BauPreform

R1 - BauRebaranchor

R2 - BauRebarlap

R3 - BauRetWalls

S1 - BauShearhead

S2 - BauSoilnailer

S3 - BauSpaceFrame

S4 - BauStairs

S5 - BauStrongstair

T1 - BauTeeanchor

T2 - BauTiltup

T3 - BauTree

T4 - BauTunnel

T5 - BauTunnelform

V1 - BauValve

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